PB Risk Management Ltd

Supplier Service Level Agreements

Once your Risk Management and Insurance support has been established it is key that all players are clear on where they fit into the programme.

A key part of this is establishing performance objectives and defining the expectations of the organisation. It is also key that the Customer’s management understands what is fairly required of them and in what time frames to deliver the optimum professional result.

PB Risk Management is experienced in producing the Service Level Agreemenst which protect the whole process of delivering the best risk and insurance solution for the Client.

Coupled with a clear monitoring and evaluation system, this will allow for a strong wortking relationship and ensure that the Customer achieves the best solution with the fairest input to drive mopmentum and create the best risk profile, ultimately achieving the best cost of risk while clearly identifying with the true service delivery from the Brokers and other insurance support services such as Fire Risk Engineers, EHS advisors and claims managers.