PB Risk Management Ltd

Broker Tenders

Brokers and agents perform a key service to their clients and in many cases provide a reference for risk management. However, how can companies ensure that the service they are getting is properly designed for their needs and priced accordingly? Can they be sure that services are not duplicated or omitted and are they certain that the data provided to their insurers properly reflects their risk profile and achieves the optimum result. With the recent need for transparency, can they easily demonstrate to their respective stakeholders that tyhe best programme is in place?

Given our considerable experience in the acquisition of broking services we are well placed to review the services delivered and verify they truly meet the client’s needs as well as confirming that no additional costs have been added providing comfort to both the Broker and the client.

If required PB Risk Management can introduce and manage a full Broker Tender producing an objective assessment. Our process offers an easily understandable, fair evaluation allowing the Client to make the final decision comfortable that all elements have been fairly reviewed and compared on a level basis.

We can also provide and oversee an implementation and orientation programme to ensure efficient and effective handover in the event a new Broker is appointed.

PB Risk Management can produce Service Level Agreemnents which will ensure thatthe activity provided the Broker is properly monitored and continues to meet the Cleint’s needs. we are happy to work with the management team to the appropriate KPI’s to fairly evaluate Broker performance against the Company’s needs and ensure that both parties fully understand their respective responsibilities to achieve the optimum results.