PB Risk Management Ltd

Outsource Support

In the modern world most companies achieve their risk and insurance management services through a combination of internal implementation and external outsourced services.

PB RM has had many years’ experience in working with the risk and insurance management suppliers across a wide range of activities. We are experts in achieving a seamless structure and creating approaches that optimise the skills and strengths across the risk management team with specific attention paid to the interaction between the in house facilities and outsourced support facilities.

Our ability to designate service levels and identify which areas are accountable for which elements of the programme have helped assure that duplication and omission of work was eliminated and our leadership has driven strong teamwork and successful results.

We look forward to reviewing any or all elements of your outsourced support to establish where and how best we can add value to your process and take comfort that you are getting what you need and not what the market wants to sell you!