PB Risk Management Ltd

Risk Register Collation and Maintenance

Business is required to demonstrate that its Board and Executive management is aware of and has systems in place to manage and improve the key risks affecting their business;

PBRM has the experience to develop and implemnent procedures for the Client which will gcreate and maintain a Risk Regsiter. In achieving this using a bottom up approach the Business will ensure that all levels of management are aware of the key risks. It will allow the Executive Team to review risks, prioritise the impacts, oversee the management systems and communicate this to their key stakeholders. It wil also provide formal suport that the correct actions are being taken in accordance with the new “Corporate Governance Code” [FRC June 2010].

We will work with you and you management to:

  • Identify and review Key elements of risk
  • Direct Board areas of focus
  • Identify contingencies or downtime/possible impacts to the Business
  • Facilitate BCP Incident Management to properly manage against the expectattios of Stakeholders, Customers and Supplier positions maintaining the minimum negative impact to the Business.