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Business Continuity Programmes

Recent history has provided some high profile examples of the damage inflicted on business following failurev where an up to date Business Continuity Program was not in place.

In a world where customers are buying on a “Just in Time” basis and where pressures grow to minimise capital tied up in stock and raw materials we are growing increasingly dependent on our suppliers to deliver theire services and products on time. Also, with the lack of stock, we have no “cover” for times when our suppliers fail. Something that can be disastrous when a true incident strikes the business.

The impact that can be suffered following failure to supply can be devastating to your market standing and so business needs to be clear on what the downside is and how it will react very quickly! Failure to manage this can have disastrous effects to market share, Brand and ultimately share price.

Some companies are not truly aware of just how quickly paralysis sets in following a short or medium term loss let alone a major incident! Unfortunately, attempting to manage such an event cold at the time of loss will in most cases be too late!

A robust “live” BCP will ensure that your Business has the facilities in place. You will quickly establish just how bad an impact you have suffered, know how long you can expect to be down and manage your existing stocks and resources to minimise the noticeable impact to your key market. This knowledge will also provide you with the tools to belay the fears ofd your customers and protect your Brand.

Contingency plans can be set in motion and in some cases you may have purchased the “Increased Cost of Working” covers that neutralise the interim more expensive processes of delivering products and services to your critical customers base.

PBRM can work with your Management Teams to provide the necessary support in establishing the essential services for your Business Continuity Process. This support will include:

The Creation of :

  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Crisis Management Plan
  • Business Continuity Plan
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
    • We will help you establish and train your Crisis and Incident Management Teams. These will effectively run your response to any incident until the business has been returned to its standard operations.
    • We will conduct BCP Tests esnuring the Teams are properly honed and can operate in the event of a real emergency.
    • We can review any existing BCP to ensure it is still in line with the risk profile of the Business and confirm to your stakeholders this is the case.
    • We can review the BCP’s of your key suppliers esnuring these match up to your needs and advise you where you may wish to make alternatibve contingency arangements to your own plans.