PB Risk Management Ltd

Self Insurance Feasibility Studies

PBRM can  review the risk profile and with the appropriate insurance loss exhibits:

  • Evaluate Frequency, pure and catastrophe risk profiles.
  • Establish where self insurance migh be of benefit.
  • Help Business understand and set their risk appetite.
  • Put forward various options for self insurance where advisable:
    • Rent-a-Captive
    • Protected Cell
    • Incorporated Cell
    • Captive Insurer
  • Determine the appropriate timeline to minimise costs associated with Self insurance vehicles and to ensure the most efficient establishment of the agreed programme.
  • Identify Potential Managers and conduct Tender where applicable.
  • Determine benefits of domiciles used.
  • Determine the best use of Fronting Insurers and protection of the self insured vehicle to deliver comfort.
  • Work with Brokers and Insurers to integrate the self insurance programme.
  • Determine the timetable for the implementation of the self insurance strategy to avoid damage to the insurance programme.
  • Identify the KPI’s for ensuring the programme delivers the best results and to identify any areas requiring maintenance and “repair” management.