PB Risk Management Ltd

Captive Mangement

Peter Berring, our Principal, has worked as Director of an in-house Captive Insurer for 15 years and been involved in Captive and Rentacaptive insurance programmes for over 33 years.

He has been closely involved in establishing insurer strategy which is linked to the overall Corporate business strategy and ensuring the most efficient return while delivering a strong, robust and properly governed Insurance Subsidiary.

PBRM can produce various self insurance solutions for the Management Team and identify the Pros and Cons involved.

We can work with you to identify the programme that best meets your needs allowing your Company to establish areas of risk sharing that will return the fiscalk benefits enjoyed from the introduction and maintenance of a strong proactive risk management system ultimately producing the optimum “Cost of Risk”

Our experience allows us to formulate strategiesfor our Clients that minimise the cost of implementation in line with their budget while creating a pragmatic and robust self insurance approach devoid of any unexpected impacts to the Corporate Balance sheet.