PB Risk Management Ltd


As a truly independent company we are able to offer totally objective services to Business:

Outsource Support:

  • Independent Broker Review
  • Broker Tenders
  • Insurer/ Reinsurer reviews
  • Supplier Benchmarking
  • Supplier Service Level Agreements

Internal Risk Management Support:

  • Risk Register Collation and Maintenance and Risk Matrix Management
  • Risk Management System Design and Implementation
  • Risk Awarenes programmes
  • Risk Management Benchmarking
  • Business Continuity Programmes
    • Business Impact Analysis
    • Crisis Management Plans
    • Business Continuity Plans
    • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Brand Protection management
  • Outsource / Supply Chain Risk Management Programmes


  • Insurance Programme Design
  • Self Insurance feasibility Study
  • Captive Insurer set up
  • PCC/ ICC self insurance facility design and facilitation
  • Risk Management / Insurance programme integration

These services are more fully outlined in the following pages. If you are interested in getting a more detailed response or indeed dsiscussing how these might be effected within your own business please contact us on: info@pbrisk.co.uk