PB Risk Management Ltd

Fleet Training

Electronics Maintenance Engineers Fleet Accident rate was very high and causing high increase in their Motor fleet premiums.


1. Risk Management Training
We looked to introduce “Advanced Driver Awareness Training” to the drivers. Many saw themselves as “Professional Drivers” and we wanted to ensure they recognised that the “advanced Awareness Training” had been chosen in recognition of their status, concentrating of drivers who had high mileage activity. We also identified that the certification process provided the drivers with formal proof of their status which, in many cases, would help reduce their personal motor premiums.

Following the training the client saw a major reduction in both the incident rate and the average cost per claim.

They agreed a rolling programme which provided an update every three years and specific “one off2 training for drivers who had been involved in a major accident or where their personal incident rate exceeded the standard.

2. Insurance Solution
Working with their brokers and insurers we established a retrospective rating programme for the fleet insurance. This set a limit for the “attritional losses” which was handled on a loss sensitive basis with the Client paying all losses within the layer but with an aggregate cap to protect against a catastrophe situation damaging their cost of risk.

We agreed with the client that a percentage of the premiums saved through any reduction of losses would be split amongst the drivers according to their “preventable” loss experience rewarding those drivers with “clean” loss records.


Over the first two years the client saw a remarkable drop in losses both in incident count and actual loss cost. The drivers were encouraged that their driving skills were formally acknowledged and enjoyed the additional “bonus” achieved through the improved results. We noticed an over all increased focus on loss prevention across the fleet.