PB Risk Management Ltd

What we do

At PBRM we can evaluate where risk sits in the organisation and how it is perceived by your stakeholders as well as how best you can promote effective risk management that lowers your downside potential and reduces your overall cost of risk maximising your revenues and margin potential on a sustainable basis.

We work with you and your staff to identify the risks that face your business. Once the risk profiles have been established, your risk registers amended as required, we work with you to establish your appetite for risk.

This complete we can support you as you establish the action plans and monitoring systems that will ensure you deliver against the objectives and achieve the optimum position effectively in the quickest timeframe.

This also allows you to maintain these standards across your business and identify where and how much effort needs to be injected to improve your risk profile.

We can train the risk champions in your business to take over the roles of monitoring and analysis of risk such that the Board can be confident that all areas required by the Corporate Governance Code are maintained and appropriate for the needs of your business.