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William Green

William Greenhas been providing strategic advisory and risk management services to a broad range of clients for over eleven years. William’s advisory work ranges from crisis management and communications to the development of country and regional business strategies. His risk management expertise protects the reputations of clients through targeted due diligence, litigation support and other compliance programmes. William is also the founder and Managing Partner of TD International, LLC (TDI), a discreet, strategic advisory and risk management firm which was set up in 1999. His clients include multinational energy and chemical companies, aeronautical and defence firms, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, insurance companies, technology firms, accounting firms, public relations firms, the food industry, non-governmental organisations, wealthy individuals and law firms.

Prior to founding TDI, William served for two years as President of Parvus International, a business intelligence firm. During this time he managed the firm’s restructuring and developed a marketing strategy that resulted in a doubling of the firm’s revenues and its ultimate acquisition.

A former CIA officer specialising in multilateral affairs within the United Nations, NATO and the European Union frameworks, William served in Geneva and Paris and participated in the management of the Anglo-American and US-Canadian intelligence relationships when posted to Washington.

William received his M.A. in International Economics and European Affairs from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington, DC and Bologna, Italy, and his B.A. in History from Holy Cross College.

Willaim Green:
Consultant, PB Risk Management